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About Us

PokéMasks began as a personal project to supply my friends with Pokémon masks for Halloween and playing Pokémon Go. However, as word spread and more and more friends of friends wanted masks, I realised the demand for the masks was greater than expected. Folks not only want them for Halloween, but for their longterm collection. 

And so, PokéMasks was born. A lot of focus went into the professional design and artwork when making these masks. This resulted in detailed and lifelike, 3D masks. 

PokéMasks look great both as face masks and when mounted on your wall. However, be as creative as you like with your PokéMasks. Just be sure to send us photos or use #PokéMasks on Instagram!



PokéMasks was created by Conor Browne - feel free to contact me with any questions.

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